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2018          The Business of the Visual Arts, City University of London

2013-16     BA Sculpture at Camberwell College, University of the Arts London

2016          Art Handling and Installation

2015          Introduction to Curating Contemporary Art, DSLR Filmmaking: An Introduction, Video Editing with Final                    Cut Pro X (all at UAL)

2012          Various short courses including Digital Photography and Photoshop, Sculpture, Painting, and two Art                        History courses (all at UAL)

2000-3       Studied for an Architecture degree at University of the Creative Arts
1995-6       Foundation Course in Art and Design at Central Saint Martins


2019-present    Art Installer at The Sharp Gallery (7 Exhibitions)

2016-23     Front of House Assistant at The Bethlem Museum of the Mind

2019-23     Art Installer at The Bethlem Museum of the Mind (8 Exhibitions)

2019-22     Art Installer at the Bethlem Gallery (6 Exhibitions)

2017-22     Art Therapy Assistant at the The Bethlem Royal Hospital

2019-21     Art Installer at the Maudsley - Long Gallery and Ortis Building (5 Exhibition)

2016-19     Front of House Assistant at Camden Arts Centre


2022          3D Model Making Workshop in response to the Exhibition by Raymond at the Bethlem Gallery.

2019          Wire Making Workshop Inspired by Edvard Munch: Love and Angst Exhibition at the British Museum


2023          Cityscape - City Life, Cista Arts,

                  Figures or Faces, Las Laguna art Gallery,

2022          In the City, Collects Art Gallery, 

                  The Landscape,Open Gallery, Halifax.

                 The Sea, Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield,

                  Landscape Country and Urban, BROUHAHAART,


2021          All Landscape Art, Contempoary Art Gallery Online,                      art-competition-landscape

                  Figuative, Light, Space, Time,                          other-media-category/?doing_wp_cron=1621415126.1094820499420166015625


2020          The Body Language, Its Liquid at The Room, Venice,                                              thebodylanguage2020.html

                  Borders, Its Liquid at The Room,Venice,

                  Natural Rhythms, Sharp Gallery, London.

2019          City Life, Candid Arts Trust, London,

                  Open Exhibition for London Festival of Architecture, London Bridge Hotel, 


                  Living Room (Solo Exhibition), The Bethlem Gallery, London                        showcase-living-room-by-adrian-flaherty/

                  Cityscapes, Light, Space Time, https://www.lightspacetime.artcityscapes-2019-art-exhibition-painting-                      other-media/

                  Environments: The Outside In National Competition, Piano Nobile, https://www.piano



2018          City, Art Room Gallery,

                  Urban Landscapes, J. Mane Gallery,


2017          All that Glitters is not GoldTestbed Collaboration  at Camden Art Centre, London,                                           


2016          Degree Show at Camberwell College, London

2015          Unit Exhibition at the Dalston Grove Gallery as part of the sculpture degree

2000-3       Various exhibitions as part of the architectural degree course

1996          End of year final show for foundation course in Art and Design


2023        Cista Arts, Exhibition Catalogue,
                Collect Art, 101 Contemporary Artists and more... , Anniversary Edition,                                                                
2022        Collect Art Magazine, In The City,
                Landescape Art Review, Anniversery Issue,
2019        Art Ascent, V.38 White August,
                The River Magazine, Local Artists and Boundaries,                        london-boundaries.html
2018        Art Ascent, V34 Yellow December,
                Wake up Screaming, Edition #14 – Chance,                    witt/
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